Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills group training is a program designed to enhance capability through the teaching of adaptive coping skills across various domains. The adult program will be an independent skill only program aiming to change individual response with an overall change in environmental responses.

Content / Modules

The group will teach skills in 4 areas which are known as modules. These modules are mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

  • Core Mindfulness

    This module focuses on enhancing the ability to observe, describe and participate in the present moment without judgement, multitasking and ineffectiveness. These skills form the foundation for all other teachings in the skills program.

  • Emotion Regulation

    This module focuses on learning skills designed to expand capacity to understand and name emotions, to change unwanted emotions, and reduce vulnerability to being overwhelmed by emotions.

  • Distress Tolerance

    This module focuses on learning skills designed to increase your ability to tolerate distress. Teaching will include skills to tolerate extreme or uncomfortable emotions, skills to survive a crisis and skills to accept the emotions and reality as it currently exists.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

    This module focuses on learning skills designed to enhance your relational and communication skills to become more effective in achieving your goals, maintaining or improving the relationship and retaining relational self-respect. Skills and strategies will include heading off problems, repairing relationships (or ending them if necessary) and resolving problems before they become overwhelming.


  • Duration

    The full program will run for 22 weeks (11 Week Blocks) and attendance will be required at all sessions to be eligible for graduation.

  • Eligibility

    The following are mandatory requirements to be eligible for this skills program:

    Attendance in a 60-90 minutes assessment session to determine eligibility and suitability for the program;

    Mild to moderate level of risk and/or mental health issues;

    Engaged in weekly or fortnightly individual therapy for the duration of the training program.

    New members will be eligible to commence at the beginning of each term once assessed and deemed suitable for this program.

  • Location

    Level 3 Suite 15 40 Corinna Street Phillip ACT 2606

  • Time/Day

    The first term will commence on Wednesday 12 January 2022 and the group will run from 12:30pm till 2:30pm

    Currently undertaking assessments for the new group scheduled to commence on;

    12 January 2022 – FULL

    13 April 2022 – FULL

    6 July 2022 – Assessing for intake now

    28 September 2022

  • Cost

    The full program will be $3,000 for the 22weeks. This cost includes all the resources necessary for the completion of the skills program. This price does not include the cost of the initial assessment for program suitability.