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Canberra Woden Mental Health Clinic

Professional Psychotherapy Helping You Be Your Best Self

Mindscape Therapy Woden Mental Health Clinic Treatments:

Mindscape Therapy is a local Woden mental health clinic with a focus on psychotherapy. We offer a variety of evidence-based mental health treatments and work with you to not only understand the healing process but tailor our therapies to work more effectively.

With years of clinical experience and training, we are focused on helping improve both your mental and physical well-being. With a range of therapies available, we can match the right treatment to your specific needs.


How Can Psychotherapy
Help You?

As a local Woden mental health clinic, we provide in-person therapies to Canberrans within our community. Our practice is centered around psychotherapy, which has been shown to be effective at providing relief from a wide range of mental health conditions. Our psychotherapy techniques and comfortable premises provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to work through their issues and areas of distress.

Our methods can help you tolerate and understand painful and difficult emotions, challenge unhelpful and maladaptive thinking pattern, understand how historical events influence present behaviours/ coping strategies and help process and resolve traumatic events.

Mindscape Therapy Woden Mental Health Clinic Canberra

How We're Different

Experienced Therapist

We have years of clinical experience working in the Mental Health sector with trauma, substance abuse and more.

Therapeutic Specialty

We offer the right treatment for you and tailor our therapies to work more effectively case-by-case.

Long Term Perspective

We aim to set up our clients for long term success, offering support services which last months.

Tranquil Space

Soundproofed, centrally located and high quality spaces for convenience, privacy and comfort.