Francis Chambers, Level 3 Suite 15/40 Corinna St, Phillip


Our DBT Skills Group teaches skills for emotion regulation, distress tolerance, anger management, anxiety control and overcoming trauma.

DBT Skills Group Canberra

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Adult Skills Group

Our DBT Skills Group is a Canberra local program designed to enhance your capability through the teaching of adaptive coping skills across various domains of skill. The adult program will be an independent, skill only program, aiming to change your approach to managing your inner thoughts and feelings. This DBT Skills Group has an ultimate goal of transforming you into a more balanced and empowered person, with practical tools for handling distress and negative behaviours.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is an evidence based approach which is used widely for providing relief from a wide range of mental health issues.

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What is in the DBT Skills Group Program?

Our DBT Skills Group teaches skills in 4 areas which are referred to as ‘modules’. These modules are all designed around the evidence based practice of Dialectical Behaviour Theory and aims to empower participants with the skills to manage their mental health and thinking.

These modules are:

  • mindfulness
  • emotion regulation
  • distress tolerance
  • and interpersonal effectiveness

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Mindscape Therapy | Adult DBT Group Skills Program

The 4 Modules of Adult DBT Skills Group Canberra Program:

Core Mindfullness

Mindfulness is a well researched cognitive method of self-reflection and intra-personal awareness. This module focuses on enhancing the ability to observe, describe and participate in the present moment without judgement, multitasking and ineffectiveness. These skills form the foundation for all other teachings in the skills program.

Emotion Regulation

Learning to respond to our own emotions is an important aspect of breaking escalating feedback loops which can lead to unwanted behaviours and spiraling moods. This module focuses on learning skills designed to expand capacity to understand and name emotions, to change unwanted emotions, and reduce vulnerability to being overwhelmed by emotions.

Distress Tolerance

It's important that we don't feel crushed by distress when it arises within us, clouding our judgement or shutting down our ability to function. This module focuses on learning skills designed to increase your ability to tolerate distress. Teaching will include skills to tolerate extreme or uncomfortable emotions, skills to survive a crisis and skills to accept the emotions and reality as it currently exists.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Relationships, both casual and intimate, are an important part of our lives. This module focuses on learning skills designed to enhance your relational and communication skills to become more effective in achieving your goals, maintaining or improving the relationship and retaining relational self-respect. Skills and strategies will include heading off problems, repairing relationships (or ending them if necessary) and resolving problems before they become overwhelming.

Participation Information for our DBT Skills Group Canberra Program:


The full program will run for 22 weeks (11 Week Blocks) and attendance will be required at all sessions to be eligible for graduation.


The following are mandatory requirements to be eligible for this skills program:

    1. Attendance in a 60-90 minutes assessment session to determine eligibility and suitability for the program;

    2. Mild to moderate level of risk and/or mental health issues;

    3. Engaged in weekly or fortnightly individual therapy for the duration of the training program.

New members will be eligible to commence at the beginning of each term once assessed and deemed suitable for this program.


Francis Chambers, Level 3, Suite 15, 40 Corinna Street Phillip, Woden ACT 2606


Our DBT Group therapy sessions are run on Thursdays, between 1:00 to 3:00pm and 3:30 to 5:30pm.

We are currently undertaking assessments for new 2024 groups scheduled to commence on:

January 18th, 2024 – Currently taking assessments
April 18th, 2024 – Currently taking assessments
July 11th, 2024 – Currently taking assessments
October 3rd, 2024 – Currently taking assessments

Please call to reserve your position in the program, as our DBT Skills Groups fill up quickly.

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What make our DBT Skills Group Unique?

Tranquil, Convenient and Private Setting

Our Canberra DBT Skills Group runs from the heart of Woden, directly next to the shopping centre, which provides ample and easily accessible parking. Our comfortable and fully soundproofed group room is on the 3rd floor of the Francis Chambers, overlooking a leafy canopy which gives beauty, tranquility and additional privacy.

The space has been custom built for purpose from scratch, so you can have the best chance of getting the most out of the program.

3 Soundproof Psychology Therapy and Counselling Room for Hire
Experienced Psychotherapist in DBT Skills Group Delivery

Over a Decade of Experience with Therapeutic Mental Health Help

Our Canberra DBT Skills Group is run by an experienced therapist who has over a decade of experience helping people manage their emotions, control harmful behaviour and change their dysfunctional thoughts.

The program is also conducted by Rana, so you have the option to see the same therapist for both your individual therapy and for the DBT Skills Group. For many people, this is a huge benefit in feeling they have a continuity of care in their journey to better mental health.